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Small Business Workshops



" Do not squander time ... ... for that is the stuff life is made up of. "  - Benjamin Franklin


Typically, these workshops are offered in lengths of 2.5 – 3.0 hours.




Selling Made Simple: It's Dollars And Sense!


Today's business owner needs to wear many hats including "Vice President Of Sales". Seriously, though if your business is growing to survive and thrive, you need to know how to sell. This fun and insightful workshop shows how you can easily and profitably benefit from making sales happen with your customers.


The Four P’s Of Marketing


Marketing your business means understanding how your product / service, pricing strategy, place (location) and placement of your business ties into your promotional strategy.


Win Them With WOW: Delivering ShowTime Customer Service!


You work so hard to earn the customer … now win them with WOW. This motivational presentation focuses on the simple concept of anticipating and exceeding your customer's expectations with an advanced "ShowTime" customer service approach!



The Empowered Entrepreneur:

A Guide To Staying Confident, Focused And Determined To Succeed!


This is the ultimate "how to" workshop to empower budding entrepreneurs to succeed over the many challenges they are and will face as they start their business.



E-Business ...Easily And Excitingly Explained!


E-Commerce might just be the greatest technological opportunity to market your small business, introduce yourself to potential clients and present your services and goods to a huge marketplace. Get motivated today and grow your business!



Prospecting For New Business!


Just as buying habits, demographics, consumer trends, supply and demand, market saturation and economic conditions all impact on market conditions, today's entrepreneur must be willing to adapt to changes and seek new markets.


The Basics Of Networking


Networking is about connecting with other people, businesses or even customers at various business functions and social events by enthusiastically presenting our businesses and ourselves. It’s a great opportunity to connect but do you how to do it in such a way as to ensure you come across as sincere and genuinely interested?



Too Many Hats: Beyond Time Management For Entrepreneurs!


"Time management" is about managing ourselves and lives more effectively. This is a fun, comprehensive and complete look at life or work time and task management with an emphasis on common sense approaches to typical time / task management challenges...directed to the demanding but rewarding lifestyle of the entrepreneur.



The Small Business “Report Card"!


The Small Business Report Card is great workshop as it allows each participant to do as self-assessment on his or her own business. This workshop presents a 100-point checklist that asks participants to look then at 100 important areas of their own business. At the end of the workshop, they leave knowing exactly where they may need to put more energy, time and effort to immediately improve their businesses. A popular workshop as it offers something for every business and at every stage of business growth.



Achieving Balance: Developing Personal Effectiveness and Self-Management!


Balancing a busy personal and professional life, along with your family time, hobbies and interests and even your familial obligations is a challenge that we all face and or will face even more as we all grow older. This seminar suggests some common sense strategies that you can use today to achieve a better balance.



Marketing For Small Business Made Easy And Profitable!


If you want to build your customer base, develop new business leads and really determine the success of your current advertising efforts, then this seminar will be a day well spent. Effective and innovative marketing attracts new customers and reminds existing customers of your desire to build a business relationship. We’ll examine practical ways of marketing your business so you can get the phone ringing and the emails coming in.

Small Business Boot Camp: Tough-minded Profit Building Techniques!

Stretch your profits and learn to increase your bottom line. A hard but motivational look at building more profit into your small business by examining available tools and smarter business practices. When we take steps to better manage our business, our time and our efforts, the reward is a stronger and more profitable business.



Grooming And Growing Great Business Relationships!


Successfully conducting business is very much dependent on developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships. As important as a good revenue stream and a profitable business operation are, they don't happen unless first we have developed trustworthy and friendly relationships with a wide variety of people. This workshop explores the important relationships you need to groom and maintain for business success. We will also cover the skills in prospecting for new business.



Twelve Small Business “Monkeys”… And How To Get Them Off Your Back!                     
In this motivational presentation, we will explore how to tame twelve common "monkeys" or typical life and work challenges that all have some influence on us from time to time. We'll explore the monkeys of self-doubt, procrastination, personal productivity, getting and staying organized, attitude, interpersonal communication, stress, difficult people / circumstances, worry, the future and change...plus much more.  This will be a great session if you know your "monkey" or "monkeys" in life and would like to get them off your back once and for all.



One-Minute Message:

How To Introduce Your Business Clearly, Powerfully and Persuasively!


Discover how to create and deliver a short and powerful message about your business that summarizes the primary benefits and generates instant interest in your prospects. In this interactive workshop you will develop and practice your "elevator pitch" that then can be introduced during networking and calling on prospects. Learn how to make a memorable first impression and begin a business relationship with confidence.

Please contact us for more information and complete descriptions on any of the above presentations OR to explore other delivery products. Our website offers a comprehensive listing and selection of all titles currently our inventory.



Developing And Implementing Competitive Intelligence!


Competitive intelligence is a competitive advantage in the business world as this workshop explores the topic completely and suggests how your business uses C.I. as a vital strategic business building activity!


Outcomes of the workshop.


Participants ...


... will gain a clear understanding of competitive intelligence and its usage.

... will understand how C.I. operates with it’s own code of ethics.

... will learn the basic collection process of C.I. in a business / organizational sense.

... will discover the components of a competitive profile.

... will recognize the immediate and sustainable value of competitive research.



The Psychology Of Winning In Sales!


Learn how to develop a substantial sales advantage by understanding the psychology behind the art of selling. This workshop is for the sales professional that desires a greater understanding of why the client will or will not buy!


Outcomes of the workshop.




... will make thinking about success a powerful and productive new habit.

... will properly interpret all sales losses as a time to reframe and refocus.

... will learn how to be resilient and bounce back!

... will learn that a disciplined human mind is the BEST sales tool they have.

... will make more sales by recognizing the value of knowing themselves ... and their clients.



Effective Public Speaking…Made Fun And Easy!


For many, the thought of getting up and speaking to a group of people is terrifying.

For some business people, it is a necessity that they are able to communicate comfortably and confidently and appear in control when they talk about the products and services. This seminar presents how to become an effective communicator when you need to make a presentation or speak about your business at a function.



Building The Winning Team:

A Guide To Hiring, Training And Keeping Great Employees!


Great employees can make all the difference when it comes to providing quality work and exceptional service. This motivational workshop provides numerous useful tips and great common sense advice on how to interview, hire, train, lead, motivate, reward and retain employees so that they contribute to your business success. Discover how to get that competitive advantage, grow your business, and reduce your employee "headaches". Learn how to place your effort into ensuring your employees are working competently and collaboratively as a team for your customer’s satisfaction.



The Future Is Now: Winning And Earning More Sales!


An excellent sales building workshop loaded with very useful tips that span psychology, time management and effectiveness, persuasive presentations, productive closing techniques and referral business strategies.  A motivational experience to inspire and reward the valuable sales and marketing team to consider new approaches to generating new and productive results.



Inspiring A Locavore Attitude With C.A.R.E. Approach!


Your business has so much to gain by focusing on delivering “bring them back again” customer service. Your community has so much to gain economically when we successfully attract visitors in our 160 km target market. Local residents can be instrumental to your business success when you enhance their knowledge of local products and services. As Locavores, you will be inspired and your customers, your guests and your business will be the beneficiaries!




Ten Thousand Used Washing Machines!


This creativity workshop is unlike any small business workshop that we offer. This workshop is designed specifically to engage participants in an imaginative team environment in which they can work closely as a group that faces a very unique challenge.


In a limited time and under clear instruction, participants are placed in “companies” of 5 or 6 people. Their mission is to find different ways to market ten thousand used washing machines. As a company they have just inherited these used washing machines and have to quickly develop as a team a vision on how they can market and sell them to the public.


As a working will need to discuss and brainstorm new and creative uses for their unique product line (painted and retro decorative planters, filled with ice and canned beverages for parties, whimsical uses such as storage containers for children’s toys, some form of new game based on basketball hoops with a new twist…etc).


The workshop ends with a motivational look at the spirit and power of collaboration and creativity as it pertain to the success that small business.


We will talk about how thinking outside the box and using the power of imagination can be used in their existing business. Ultimately, participants of this workshop discover just how creative they

can be when they engage in discussion, listen and refine business ideas, choose to work together and involve each other in improving their existing business.








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