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With over 26 years of providing a wide range of personal and professional development workshops, seminars and presentations, we feel we have achieved our goal of helping individuals and organizations discover solutions, overcome challenges and ultimately reach their true potential.


Michael Lewis is a popular and passionate speaker and experienced workshop facilitator who truly enjoys speaking enthusiastically to audiences ranging from 15 to 1500 in size.


As managing director of his own training and development firm, Michael personally chooses content from a huge information bank that after years of development includes over 1000 workshops, seminars, and presentations. He custom designs his presentations to closely match and exceeds the specific needs of his clients and of his audience. In close consultation with clients and implementing effective needs assessments, he has discovered how to connect directly to the learning dynamic of his audience.


Michael Lewis Training, Motivation and Development is a London, Ontario based training firm founded in 1994 after extensive market research clearly established a need for effective and affordable training solutions and educational / motivational presentations initially to non-profit organizations and then later into the private and public sectors. Proud to offer a wide selection of topics, he has been privileged to see increasing demand for his timely motivation, enthusiasm and advice!


He focuses in presenting purposely upbeat, informative training presentations, seminars and workshops to a wide range of clients. Since inception, we have presented more than 6000 presentations and seminars to over tens of thousands of listeners and participants to over 700 different clients (as of June 2020).


After an extensive corporate training background, Michael formed his own business in 1994 and brings over 26 years of speaking and presentation experience and a thorough background in leadership and staff training as well as business and organizational development. He creates and speaks on topics spanning both personal and professional development and only speaks topics that he can relate to or has had personal or professional experience.


As a researcher in behavioral motivation, he brings a wealth of both business and interpersonal skills to every presentation. He has developed a reputation for delivering high-energy, motivational presentations that gets the message across in an easy-to-understand manner and in the language of his listeners. He has also been widely featured and quoted on radio, television and through many magazines and newspapers. Currently his articles have been featured in sixteen different publications.


His clients range from large businesses, the public sector to very small non-profit organizations and associations where he brings years of varied training experience into every presentation and workshop. Often, he quickly becomes a preferred trainer in the eyes of workshop participants and enjoys a high repeat / referral business frequency. He uses the ability to quickly contour his presentation to the changing dynamics inside a workshop environment and his use of humour and real life examples is greatly appreciated. Clients welcome workshops and presentations that bring energy and enthusiasm beyond traditional training methods and presentation styles.



Our seminars and presentations span both areas of personal and professional development and growth issues, with a focus on practical and easy-to-implement strategies that help both individuals and organizations adapt successfully to the increasingly challenging and competitive times.



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E-mail: info@michaellewistraining.com

Internet: www.michaellewistraining.com

Telephone: (519) 453-4264 (London, Ontario)


Proudly Canadian.

We are located in London, Ontario.


If you do what you have always done.

You will get what you have always gotten!


If you think what you have always thought.

You will get what you have always got!


New results require new thinking and new actions!




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